Black Friday Giveaway!

Since it's Thanksgiving Eve as I write this, I am going to share my next two letters all in one post...

A - Auctions:  My husband and I fantasize about becoming "American Pickers" and want to begin by going to auctions.  We haven't done this yet - we've spent more time at Estate Sales and such but it's a nice dream and since it's one we both share, it knits us together and I am certainly thankful for that.

N - Nerds:  No, not the candy, the ones that live in my house - namely my husband and my son who are known as "the science nerds".  I liken my son to the main character Lewis from "Meet the Robinsons".  (My younger son is so totally Stitch.)  

I am thankful for their fresh perspectives on things and for keeping things logical when I am most definitely not.  :)

And now, here's something else for you:

 I will be holding two flash freebie giveaways on Friday for my 2 newest text-based writing products:  PROS writing domains visual organizer AND Writing with PROS for Informative/Explanatory Essays.  


Stay tuned to this blog or check me out on Instagram or Facebook to find out the exact times!

And if you miss it, then there's still a chance to PIN it to WIN it by clicking {here}

And then there's also this "little" sale going on... :)

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Thanksgiving!!

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