Black Friday Wishlists!

I have to confess - I LOVE Black Friday!  The thrill of the hunt and finding the deals is so much fun to me.  So naturally I am super excited to participate in this super fun linky!

Now this week is BlogHoppin' s giving thanks week and today's letter to share what you are thankful for is "H".  So of course, I could choose "hunt", but I am also fond of "handmade".  Yesterday my son was amazed to learn that all the things on Teachers Pay Teachers are things people made themselves.  I guess it is pretty amazing when you think about it!

First up, my wish list:

Here are my wishes "life-size" - they are linked to the product listings:

Now here's a few items you might like to add to your wishlist:

And here are the "life-size" images that are linked to the product listings:

If you are a savvy Black Friday shopper, you know that there are terrific deals on this day as long as you know where to look.  

I suggest looking on Instagram this Friday.  That's when I will announce the times that I will be giving away the individual PROS products for free - but for one hour only during Black Friday!

If you happen to miss that, you could still Pin it to Win it by clicking {here}

Now don't think I have forgotten all about what this week is for! The hunt is fun because I do love a good deal - the deals I look for are hardly ever for me because I LOVE giving and making gifts.  

I make loads of handmade (remember, today is  "H" day) goodies every year and this year I have decided to make extra to give out to the local fire department, police, crossing guards and such other helpful folks.  You can share what you are thankful for too - join in the fun at BlogHoppin'!

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