Holidays Around the Blog ~ "A Christmas Carol"

I am very excited to participate in this fun linky hosted by Mrs. Labrasciano so I can share how I celebrate the season in my middle school ELA class!

Of course I decorate my room - with lights around the front whiteboard and then there's my tree:

( Yes, it's a Charlie Brown tree!)

In the 7th grade ELA classes at my school, it is tradition to teach the play version of "A Christmas Carol".  

I have always loved reading and discussing the great story and then comparing and contrasting it to the Muppets' video version.  

First, we start with a little video background:

Then we read a scene, diagram the plot, discuss, take Cornell notes and then watch the Muppet version of the same scene with a Venn Diagram.

One of my favorite activities that we do during this time, is a point of view exercise.  I ask all the students to make a Christmas card from Scrooge's point of view before he changes.  Here's one exceptional one:

I love the attempt to re-write "The 12 days of Christmas" on the inside!  I think he really understood where Scrooge was coming from, don't you?  :)

After we have completely finished the play, on the last day (usually also the last day before the break) I like to play "Jeopardy" using the facts from the play version.  I always give the winning team a special holiday treat like cupcakes, but the "losing" teams always get a candy cane for each member of the team.  :)

Now that I teach 8th grade, I equally love teaching "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry.  But that's another post for next week.  :)

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