Anchors Away with PROS!

I am excited to share my newest anchor chart I made myself!  It's all about how to organize an informative/explanatory essay that is based on text:

My Mnemonic System for teaching students how to write a text-based informative essay!

This anchor chart was born from my PROS writing domains visual organizer:

Make an essay anchor / word wall like PROS!

PROS is a neat little acronym that I made up to help students remember the key areas in essays.  

P - Polestar Focus
R - Rules of Conventions
O - Organization
S- Support

Each part is broken down into manageable pieces that you hang up as you teach them, thereby making a great visual display like this:

Make an essay anchor / word wall like PROS!

My visual learners loved this and thought of it as an anchor / word wall for essays!

Then I added in this:

Teach the organization of text-based informative/explanatory essays with step-by-step examples, Cornell notes and interactive notebook activities all along the way.

It can be used with or without the PROS visual organizer and has Texts, Cornell Notes, Model paragraphs and Interactive Notebook Foldables!

My kinesthetic learners really enjoyed creating and using the INB foldables.  They said it helped them literally see the parts of their essay.

So what about the auditory learners, you ask?

They loved the acronyms - HAT, ACE IT, and ATT!

So you can see there's something for everyone with these writing systems.  :)  And I have them all ready to go!  

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  1. VERY cool anchor chart! I just noticed the 2cents you added to the final line (by "zinger")! I love it! As you know, I love the entire process that you created for your middle school students with materials you created. I think it will really help the process "click" with students!


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