Memories and Looking Ahead!

2014 brought some good times with going to concerts, 
watching various football games that my sons played, 

This was at the Will Muschamp 2014 Jr. Gator Camp

Disney stay-cations and trips to the Florida Disney parks, 

but the most special was the trip to England with my Husband and two sons!

We are not sure we can top that one this year, but we hope to go out West on 'ol Route 66.  We'd love to find a way to RV it, but they are just so darn expensive!

As for school, well let's just say that I still teach Special Needs but the way it's structured now I only work as a Facilitation teacher for my Special students and spend the rest of the day teaching 8th grade ELA.  I enjoy ELA immensely so this is not a problem except that we're taking a brand new State test and all courses now also have a local End of Course Exam....yikes!  

I am hopeful though, as this year is the first year of all these tests, I know that we will learn a lot for next year.  

And speaking of next year -  2015...

I am thinking that I'd like to include verses in my boys lunch at least once per week and then we can discuss them in the car on the way to school.  It would be a good way to focus the day.

Plus, I'd like to be able to make some scarves and hats that would be nice for those nippy days we get sometimes here in Florida.  It might be fun to teach this to my students too!

As for blogging and such, I plan to blog at least once per week and add one new product at least once per month.  I am going to go back to my "secret sauce" - novel games.  Up next - the game for Hatchet!

Susan was my inspiration for these last 2 goals - putting time on them makes them seem so much more "do-able"!
You can join the fun by clicking {here}.

And now, for those of you looking for a way to do this New Year's resolution thing with your students, I'd like to share a freebie:

Click {here} to get your freebie!  I'll be using this and making sure my students add a time frame to make it more "do-able" too.  :)

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  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Looks like you had a wonderful year. I went to England (and Ireland) too!

    Happy New Year!
    A Middle School Survival Guide

  2. Thanks for linking up Lisa! I feel your pain with all the new ELA assessments this year as a fellow Floridian Teacher! Thank goodness this is a "Diagnostic" year. I'm learning so much! I really like your bible verse idea for your boys' lunches. Happy New Year!



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