Monday, Monday...with Argumentation

It's hard to believe my Thanksgiving break has come to an end!  It went by soooo fast...sigh.

When I get back today, we will be beginning a close read workshop through our Springboard books for Argumentation.  

Unfortunately, it looks a bit dry.  I am hoping to satisfy the requirements by using it as an "I do" activity, but then branch out with some great little items in my TpT shopping cart!

I also had an idea of my own... what about using popular children's books and then posing a great open ended question for the students to "argue" about using text evidence?
I am thinking about the one about that mean green fella (I heard that using the actual name will bring lawyers out of the woodwork) and "Polar Express".
I think this would be a great "we do" activity where students work with partners to outline an argumentation essay.  I have just the pattern for them to use...

Then maybe for a "You do", the students could read "The Gift of the Magi" and then get another open-ended question for which to choose a side.  This time, they would independently read, plan and write an argumentation essay.

I'll have to run this by my PLC....fingers crossed that we can inject some holiday fun into our plans!  :)

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  1. It sounds like a great idea to me! I hope your PLC agrees, too... I bet they will! :) I love the images you added to the anchor chart! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hooray! We are just about to start essay writing. I pinned your chart. Thank you!

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