First Week Back!

It has definitely been a busy and kind of long first week back!

However, we did have some fun "toasting" the new year with paper pieces of "toast".  (Yes, it's a bit corny - but it's fun!)

Next week begins the first round of testing that will last 3 weeks!  Yes 3 weeks!

It's End of Course Exams for certain courses like P.E., computers and learning strategies, reading and math benchmark tests for everyone, a writing assessment for everyone and 8th graders get a special science benchmark test.

So I am on the lookout for all kinds of exciting things to do to get us through the "testing situations" times (separate from when we will actually have class time).  

I found some great ideas through the Fifth Grade Freebie Free your Time blog hop.

There's also a great Triple Nickel Giveaway going on over at The Teacher's Desk 6 to help me out!

One thing I am definitely going to do is work on motivation by asking the students to think of someone they think is successful and then we will discuss what those individuals did to become successful.  
(I will propose that success did not come to them, they had to go out and get it!)

You can have a copy too - just click {here}

Then I think I will use this neat freebie I found on the hop for the students to use to pledge to their best!

After we have set the mood, we can do some other fun activities I found for Dr. King's Birthday:

Wish me luck!
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