Secondary Smorgasbord ~ Out of the Deep Freeze

This blog hop is to showcase products who may have been left in the freezer for a while but whose time has come!  Special thanks to Darlene at ELA Buffet and Pamela at Desktop Learning Adventures for sponsoring this linky and putting it all together!

My product is a book I wrote:

I wrote this book after talking to my students about our "big test" (the state test) a year or so ago.  I asked them if the players who go to the Super Bowl say things like "Oh man, I so do NOT want to go to the Super Bowl.  I really can't stand being a winner!"

Of course, they thought I was ridiculous!  No one goes to championship wanting to lose!

So then I told them that our state test is like a championship.  It's a school championship where we should go in with the same mentality as the Super Bowl players.  And that's how this book was born!

It starts off with an engaging, rhyming story about the concept of the big test being a championship and then there are multiple review resources to use with the story to get ready for test day:

Take a look at this preview below to see everything listed above!

And, since this a special linky, I am going to offer the pdf version of this book at a special price - just $3 - which is half off! -  from January 15-17 on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I just ask that you kindly leave some positive feedback.  :)

Click {here} to go to the pdf version of this book on TpT!
(You can also order a soft cover print copy at but it is $10.) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the "out of the deep freeze" ideas!


  1. Wow! I love your book idea. I know that this could be so helpful to teachers and students alike! Great job!

  2. Lisa, Acing the Big Test is a brilliant idea! You had me laughing out loud with your Super Bowl comment. I am absolutely going to use that question with my own students! Thanks for sharing this great resource idea!

  3. "Acing the Big Test" is on everyone's mind right now! Great post!

    A Lesson Plan for Teachers

  4. Great post and a super idea to put it into a book. It should help both teachers and students prepare for the big test.

  5. What an incredible stress-reliever for both the students and you. This test-taking planning guide is a treasure.

    Happy Teaching,


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