I appreciate Deb from Crafting Connections!

It's teacher appreciation week and there are lots of great teachers out there to choose from to honor with this great linky I discovered this on Diane's blog at Fifth in the Middle:

I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and I cannot wait to meet them in "real life" this summer in Vegas.

One of those people is Deb at Crafting Connections.

I'm not sure if Deb knows this or not, but she has been like a mentor to me.  

I have learned so much from her about blogging just by reading hers.  I always get great ideas every time I read her blog!
  Her ideas for teaching concepts in a "crafty" way always appeal to kids with various needs.  She is great at breaking down concepts with her anchor charts and making them accessible as well as fun.  Whether the concept is context clues or perspectives - Deb has a creative way to teach it!

Plus, she is just a nice person.  She has answered my questions, invited me to join in celebrations and even helped me review/edit a product or two!

So Deb, I appreciate you very much!  Thank you for being a great bloggy friend and inspiration!


  1. I am with you on this post 1000 percent, Lisa! Deb is my inspiration as well! A little shout out for you as well, my dear! I so enjoy your blog and your kind support. I hope you've had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. Have a great time in Vegas! Perhaps someday!


  2. THANK YOU, Lisa! What a wonderful surprise to find your blog post with my name on it!! I am so looking forward to meeting you this summer, also. I am so humbled to hear that I have been a mentor to you. You have definitely inspired me several times, too. Sometimes I think I would like to try teaching at the middle school level- if I do, I'll be coming to you and Angela and asking for a LOT of advice! Be prepared! :) Have a great weekend!


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