Relaxing and Recharging with Secondary Smorgasbord!

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School is winding down - our last day with students is June 3rd.  Then there's 2 days of post-planning where we pack up and turn in our keys.  It still won't feel real - that summer is here and I can actually do what I want.

So the first thing my family does is to go to Vero Beach, FL to unwind - or "decompress" as we call it - so our hearts can feel what our heads tell us is true - that it's summer, so we can relax!

We always stay at the Disney resort where life is very laid back and you can just sit in the sand or by the pool all day long if you like.  You can fish, eat smores, take lovely walks, and eat some great seafood.

That usually takes us down a few notches before we come home and settle into a summer routine that mostly includes a Junior Gator day camp for 3 days for my son in Gainesville and lots of swimming in our neighbor's pool.

I never realized it until I put all these pictures together, but I guess most of my R & R revolves around water and being with my kids.  Maybe it's because I'm a Pisces or maybe it's just that focusing on my children gives me peace.  

Whatever it is, it works because after a few weeks of this "hydro-therapy", my brain relaxes and then the ideas and creativity come freely and not just in the shower anymore!  :)

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    1. Thanks! So looking forward to time off to just chill!

  2. Wow... now I need to put Florida on my list of destinations - pics are soooo pretty!!

  3. I love the water too, but I'm not a big fan of getting wet. Hmmm...I am a Leo and we know how cats feel about water! Have an awesome summer!

    1. That's funny - maybe our signs are accurate! :). That's ok you can just sit by the water and listen to the waves which may be as soothing as being in the water anyway.

  4. I'm a water-thinker, as well! There's just something about shower creativity. The trick is to remember these great ideas when I'm out of the shower! :)

  5. Water and kid...that's my favorite summertime combination, too! Have fun!


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