How to Turn Social Media Addiction into Classroom Learning!

Historically, I have used Pinterest as a way to find new ideas for my Middle School classes.  Generally, I find an idea that I like, pin it, and then tweak it to suit my students.  

Now I have been thinking that I will use it to entice my social media addicted students into learning by creating boards for my students to use.  

What kinds of boards, you ask?  How about...

1.  A board for each unit topic where students will get links to appropriate sites for class assignments, projects, homework help, study materials and more!

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2.  Collaborative boards for group projects.  Students can contribute to the project via a Pinterest board.  Since you can control who is allowed to contribute, you can keep it safe and even delete pins if necessary.

3.  Collaborative boards for homework assignments.  What if you set up a board for each class and then asked your students to find the best example of something like context clues on Pinterest with the added caveat that no there could be no duplications?  

First, it's a great way to work with the concept of inquiry.  

Next, if you look across those 6 boards and see a pattern emerging, you might have uncovered some important information about your students.  
  • For example, if you found that many of the pins were music related in let's say, your first-period class, then it might be a good idea to integrate more music into that period.
  • I also think it would be a great bell-ringer/ exit ticket to ask why each student chose his/her pin.  There might be something about that pin that really reaches someone!

4.  Collaborative boards for digital class work  (or homework) assignments that have been created somewhere on the world wide web or via an app that can be pinned to be turned in.
  • It might be fun to share this board with parents on a class website so they can see their childrens' work!

5.  A board of video clips that I plan show to the class.  That would definitely help me save time!  Absent students could access the videos from home and students who would like to see the video again to review can do so!

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I think these boards can be very relevant and engaging to the students because they will have helped to create them!  

Plus, imagine how much they can get out of the boards all while still feeding their social media addiction!

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  1. I absolutely love how you have incorporated Pinterest into learning for your students. It's a brilliant idea!

  2. Love your ideas for student use! Thank you so much for the great ideas!

  3. I can't tell you how much I LOVE these ideas and can't wait to use with my own classes!!! In order to have your students use it, how do you set it up? Do you have a different Pinterest account that you use just for your classes, and then have them follow the boards you specify?

    Lit with Lyns

    1. I have not used a separate account but that might be a good idea! :)

  4. I love the idea of a homework board for students. You got my wheels turning about incorporating this into some of my inquiry-based teaching! I have not tried that yet. What a great way to use pinterest! Thanks,

  5. You've got some great ideas here for using Pinterest in the classroom. We do a lot of inquiry-based learning, but we're also BYOD, which means teachers have to be super flexible about requiring particular tools. (We have some computers in the school - one per class - and a few iPads, but mostly, we're counting on students to use their own devices.) The great thing about Pinterest is that it works on all platforms!

  6. Love all the ideas! You have done an excellent job incorporating pinterest into the classroom. The collaborative project board is brilliant!

  7. I love the idea of having students pin as well.

  8. Awesome ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. I love your tip about using collaborative boards for digital class work!

  10. Lisa, I love your ideas about using Pinterest in the classroom. I am going to try it this year. It will be wonderful to learn more about their interests by checking out their pins!
    Thanks for the great tips!


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