Inclusion Insights ~ Videos!

These days all teachers work with students who struggle either because they have diagnosed special needs or just are a little behind the curve.  

All students participate in the regular classroom as part of inclusion and sometimes, we, as teachers, need a little something extra.

Welcome to my weekly "Inclusion Insights" where I will share my best ideas to make inclusion not just work, but work well.

This week, my topic is videos.  

I heard a startling statistic from a Science teacher at my school.  He told me that he read that students in this day and age remember 75% more of what they see on video than what they read.  

So that got me thinking... Surely, I could find videos that would match what I'm teaching.  

We have been working on relevant vs. irrelevant evidence.  I spent too much time looking for a Judge Judy clip that might illustrate this and then found Screencast-o-matic.  

So then I began to think, what about making my own videos?

Ok, I know this is not Flocabulary good, but I can control the content and this is just a beginning!  Just think of all the possibilities!  You can even have your own video made for you like I did:

What video tips do you have?  Join in the conversation with your comments!

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