Top 3 Pins for Holiday Fun in Middle School!

Fun Christmas Middle School Teaching Ideas for the last days before Winter Break!   Holiday projects for the classroom!  #Christmas #ChristmasActivities #teaching

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  It's also the "sqirreliest" time of the year!  What to do?  Here's my top 3 ideas!

How about a little craft or 2?  The students can make them to give to friends, family or even other teachers at school.  If you sponsor a club, students could make these for various people at your school like the secretaries, janitors or community partners.  Remember, Kind is the new Cool so spread some love!

This looks like a fun "last day before break" game!  The teacher makes the ball in advance by wrapping one piece of candy for each layer of the ball.  Then at school, have your students sit in a circle.  The person to the left rolls the dice while the student unwraps the ball.  When the person rolls doubles, the ball comes to them.  As students unwrap the candy, they get to keep it.  I'm already thinking about what I could put in the ball....

If you need something a little calmer, then perhaps this would do the trick!  You can use old (or even new) greeting cards to make this!  What a lovely ornament for kids to take home - yes, even in middle school!  (They're still kids too you know! :) )

I hope you have an exciting and enjoyable December of activities with your students!  Check out some other great ideas below and then link up your own!

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  1. Rudolf hot chocolate is too cute and what a sweet idea that they could make them and give them to friends. It's also something my first graders could do very easily:) Thanks!!

  2. The candy ball would make the perfect activity for our Christmas party! The kids would love it! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!


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