New Year's Ideas, Resources and A Giveaway!

If you are looking for some New Year ideas for your Middle School classroom, then this post is for you complete with TWO linkies and a Giveaway!!

First up are 3 pins that I found to help me start my new year off at school right!


I want to tweak my behavior system by combining it with progress towards goals.  Since behavior directly impacts learning, the idea of a "Super Improvers Wall" seems like a perfect fit!  Students earn their way up the ranks based on their progress on the standards.  At each level, students earn certain privileges.  The privileges are yet to be determined for the upper ranks as I want to include my students in that part of the decision making for "buy in".


Since we are going to be earning our way up the ranks based on our progress on the standards, I thought this was a perfect fit!  Now students can see what they need to do to move on up!


My New Year's resolution is to get more organized and pencils in my classroom are definitely a part of that!  This little idea is to number the pencils and assign a number to each student desk.  At the end of the week, students who still have their pencil, earn a reward.  I am so trying this when we get back!

Check out some more ideas below in the link-ups!  There are actually two this time...the first one is for the best Pinterest pins and the second one is specifically for Middle School New Year resources!

For the second linky, I'm sharing my idea for a twist on goal setting.  Having goals is sooooo important but making them "do-able" has to be part of it!  Too many times I have seen the goal "Get good grades" with no plan of action behind it despite my efforts.  Not this year!

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My students will work in pairs to sort the goal "cards" into "General" and "Specific" categories.  Then they will pair up the general goals with the matching specific goals.  

After a short discussion of the correct matches, then students will choose a goal from the activity (or from their own ideas) and record it using the same level of specificity which they just worked on a piece of "toast".  Finally I hang up the toast as a reminder to the students of what they are working for.

Get some more New Years ideas below and then enter the Giveaway too!

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Anchored in Reading - ELA Text Dependent Analysis Questions - Author's Craft Task Cards
Teach Inspire Change - Student Behavior & Parent Communications Binder
Mrs. Spangler in the Middle - The Giver Reading Comprehension Games - Four in All!
Tori Gorosave: A Middle School English Teacher's Journey - Expository Close Reading: The History of New Year's
Edison Education - Multiplying and Dividing Integers
Koch's Odds 'N Ends - Student Worksheet for Self-Review / Analysis of Test Results
The Marvelous Middle - Looking Back Looking Forward New Year's Activity

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  1. Wonderful ideas! I especially love the visual reminder of toast!

    1. Thanks! My middle schoolers shake their heads at my puns, but they love me anyway! :)

  2. Great idea with the pencils! I will have to try that. Thank you for sharing your pins and linking up with us! :)

  3. Love tying in behavior with goals/ranks. We have 21 "Life Skills" to assess our kiddos on at the end of every trimester and I can totally see tying it all together as great evidence and justification for the grades they earn towards those skills.

    Junior High Core Values

    1. That's what I was thinking too! I may just have to post later on how it all works out. :)

  4. I love the reading goals! Thanks for sharing and linking up! Wishing you a blessed 2016!

    1. Thank you for being a great hostess and Happy New Year to you as well! :)

  5. I love the idea of using the clip chart for goals!!

  6. The pencil idea looks like a good one!


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