The Secondary Smorgasbord has your Sub Plans Managed!

Most teachers believe that it's harder to do sub plans than to just go in sick!  Trust me, I've been there - and spent HOURS into the night setting up my classroom - but not anymore!

How did I fix it?

 I keep a few "emergency" plans ready to go!

But what's in the folder you ask?

Well, for me, sub plans have to be:

1.  Easy
For students and subs alike!  I often get subs that let kids do insane things like sit at my desk and then suddenly things are mysteriously missing <sigh>.   I have now included that in my list of Substitute Do's and Dont's that is with my seating chart in my sub folder. 

2.  Enough 
(you know what they say about idle hands)

3.  Relevant  
(the students still need to be learning but I generally use sub plans for review, reinforcement or enrichment.)

I have found that fit my 3 criteria perfectly!

I use the Reading Passages because you can choose the Lexile level to suit your students.  Since grade level for 8th grade is 1010, I search for passages that range in that vicinity.  Then I select that I would like vocabulary and questions with the passage.

I get plenty of choices that I peruse for various skills and then I copy ones that review concepts that we have already learned in advance and put them in one of my manila envelopes.  I actually have 3 envelopes ready to go labeled Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C.  

This way whether I get sick or have an eye problem (you know, like I can't see myself going to school that day), I know my plans are managed!


  1. Such great ideas to make sure the subs and students stay on task! Thank you for the post! :)

  2. Super idea! The web site you suggested to teachers is a great resource to pull from for sub plan ideas.

  3. Your ideas are useful and practical, and your eye problem gave me a chuckle. Thanks for the great post!

  4. Great ideas and thanks for the link, I will have to check it out!

  5. Three simple steps..... easy, enough and relevant. Perfect!

  6. I love your-Easy, Enough, Relevant- explanations, and I must check out Thanks for this link.

  7. Your Do's and Dont's are a great reminder, and I love that you have 3 sub plans ready to go at any one time. Nice work.

  8. I'll have to poke around readworks some more!

  9. Thanks for including the screenshot. Very helpful :-)

  10. ReadWorks looks very interesting. It reminds of Newsela - teachers need all of the resources we can get!


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