Top 5 reasons I LOVE Flocabulary!

As an inclusion teacher, I am always on the look-out for new ways to reach and teach the most challenging students.  Over the years, I have discovered that most students relate very well to music.  In fact, catchy tunes sometimes stick in all of our heads whether we want them to or not.  So when I found Flocabulary with its catchy tunes, I was immediately interested.

Flocabulary takes all kinds of topics and content and sets them to rhyme with very catchy hip-hop tunes along with accompanying videos.  Right now, Flocabulary has 700 songs and videos for Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, Vocabulary, Current Events and even Life Skills!  Plus they add content every week!

So it should come as no surprise that Flocabulary is a huge hit in my classroom and this is why it works for me:

The music and rhymes are very engaging all by themselves, but wait until you see the videos that go with them!  The students love them.  I have even heard students singing the Flocabulary songs in the hallways.  Shoot, I have even been caught humming the songs myself.  (That always cracks the kids up.)  :)

All this humming means we are remembering!  And all this remembering means we were (are) engaged and definitely learning!  And this is why I teach!  

The information that is presented in the songs is standards-based meaning that not only does Flocabulary align their content with the Common Core, they cover the things I need to teach.  Additionally, Flocabulary's content is rich and not just a surface treatment of the material.  For example,  "Five Elements of a Story" doesn't just name the elements, there's an embedded definition of each in the song that not only makes sense but is relevant to the students.  

Did I mention that Flocabulary also has lesson plans to go with these great songs and videos?  There are lyrics worksheets and exercise worksheets to practice with the content.  Plus there are quizzes, games and graphic organizers!

By Learning Styles I mean that Flocabulary covers all these ways of learning:  auditory, visual and even kinesthetic.  The auditory and visual parts come from the song and the accompanying video.  The kinesthetic comes from when the students actually begin to sing or hum the songs.  My belief is when you can address all 3 styles, you have the proverbial hat trick of educational gold.

That's right!  Flocabulary is now offering any reader of this blog and their entire school a free 75 day trial of Flocabulary so you don't have to take my word for it, you can see for yourself!  Click on the image or caption below to sign up!

Click here to get your FREE trial!

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! I've wanted to give Flocabulary a try!



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