I'm so glad to join Forever in 5th Grade for Show and Tell!  My show and tell is focused on my end of the year motto:  Finish Strong!

#FinishStrong ideas for students in the classroom

First up, I found this neat inspirational video 
(among a host of other great ones from Simple Truths)
that I am hoping will help us find some motivation to get through the last round of testing.

Then, to add a little fuel to the inspirational fire, I've added in a new twist to my ticket reward system:

Finish the year strong with these ideas for your middle school classroom! #teaching #motivation

I ordinarily hand out tickets to students doing the right things in class and then have a drawing on Friday where I give out about 3 trips to my candy jar as prizes.  Now, students can place their tickets on my BINGO board.  On the last day of school, I'll place lots of different treats in brown paper lunch bags.  When I call out a bingo location, the student whose ticket is in that spot, gets to pick a mystery bag with a prize inside!

To keep engagement at the end of the year:   Once the work is done, we can have some fun!

Even though we have to review for our End of Course test, I want my students to enjoy the end of the year too.  So inside each balloon will be a note like "ice pop day".  Once we finish our necessary review, then we can pop a balloon to reveal some fun!

I sure hope this help us to #FinishStrong!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your Finish Strong Bingo board! That is a great idea! I have just been planning my "Twelve Days Until School's Out" which is based on the same pop a balloon idea. Great minds think alike...or see it on Pinterest. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. Love the notes in the balloon idea. Would be great to do in the last two weeks of school. Hey, stop by and enter the HUE animation kit giveaway!!! See you later. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. My 5th graders would love balloon idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the rest of your school year.

  4. I love the Finish Strong Bingo idea. It is a great incentive for those last few days and can be used at all grade levels. I am down to 5 days left...but it is never too late to try something new to motivate the kids, right?

  5. Keeping the kids on track at the end of the year is such a challenge. I love your positive ideas!!! We are currently doing a kindness challenge. I need to plan something for our testing. We go until the end of June.

  6. Enjoy your last few days! Hope all goes well for you and your students! Looking forward to some R and R myself... eight more school days to go!


  7. We still have over a month left, so I am saving your balloon note idea to use in a few weeks. Happy end of the school year!

  8. Being in your class seems so fun! Love the balloon idea!


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