Show and Tell Tuesday - Teacher Summer!

I love show and tell so I can never pass up an opportunity to link up with Forever in 5th Grade!

My family has a tradition that every year, right after school gets out for summer, we head to the beach.  Vero beach, that is - at Disney's Resort.  It helps us all decompress from the end of the year and begin to truly relax.

My primary summer "teacher project" is to learn as much as I can about using Google Apps in the classroom without the benefit of Google Classroom itself.  I am blogging about my "finds" and what I've learned each Saturday through July 30.

Summer Blog Series - Top Google Tech for Teachers who do not have Google Classroom!

My next summer "teacher project" is to develop some new materials for my new teaching position in 6th grade ELA!  
(Be on the lookout for some new story elements Pixanotes coming soon!)

NEW Story Element Pixanotes Coming Soon!

  I transferred to a lovely middle school in my area where my husband already teaches.  So now, we will get to carpool and have the same schedules!!

Last, but not least, my teacher summer would not be complete without time to just be, you know?
Like just be with my boys who are growing tooooo fast.
Or just be laying by the pool.
Or just be doing mini household projects, or trying new recipes, or taking time to play the piano...

Time to just be.  :)

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  1. How wonderful for you to be teaching with your husband! Gr. 6 ELA, hunh? Best thing in the world to teach!!!!! I'm with you on that #4 Show and Tell. I've been doing tons of reading and playing my piano also. As far as the household projects? Well, there's always July, right! Enjoy your summer, my friend!


  2. That beach is where every teacher should be able to go to as soon as the school year is done! Sounds like you will have a busy but relaxing summer too. Isn't it great having some extra time for all those school and household projects? Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. That's great that you get to teach at the same place with your husband!

  4. That is exciting that you will be working in the same building as your husband. The opposite is true for me....after 8 years of working in the same building...I am switching to a different one. Our schedules will still be the same....but it will be sad! :( Have fun on your "time to just be."
    Mind Sparks


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