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This summer, I have been researching Google Apps that can be used without Google Classroom.

I've been experimenting with using Forms to collect student information, Sheets to collect student data, and Doctopus to share assignments with large groups of students all at once.  (I'm still working on Doctopus - it's a bit overwhelming.)  I promised to post each Saturday and missed this past one but I think that this post will make up for that.  :)

With the new school year quickly approaching, I am focused on tech that will help me with my students that are learning English or have special needs.

First, I know I will have many ELL students this fall and certainly some with special needs or 504 plans.  I also know I will need to track their accommodations and be prepared to provide this information for observations.  This task can be daunting but I think Google Forms will make it easier!

All I have to do is make a Form for me to fill in with all the pertinent information:

Need to track students' needs and accommodations?  Use Google Forms!

Then later I could add dates or assignments to the form for even more detailed records.  Plus, anytime I need to add a student or change information due to a meeting, it's easily done!
To add, just complete your Form again.

 To edit, just click on "responses" and let the Form create a spreadsheet of the information.  Go into the spreadsheet and click on whatever you need to edit.

Easy Peasy and printable!

I know that many students have the accommodation of having tests read to them.  Did you know there's an app called Read and Write for Google that will read things on the computer out loud?  All you have to do is click here to find the app, then install the app, highlight the word/words you want read to you and then press the play button! 

Do your students have the accommodation of having tests read out loud?  Use Read and Write for Google!

You will see that there are premium features that seem to require you to pay in order to keep them.  However, teachers get a FREE premium account!  Click here to sign up for that free account! 

The last app that I have been playing with is Voice Recognition.  This allows you to speak what you want written and it will do the writing for you! This one takes some time to work with as it has to "learn" your voice, but I think it's worth it!  Imagine having students who can't seem to get the words out on paper, but could speak them and end up with a text they could edit!

Help your most challenged students write using the voice recognition app!

Click here to get this app!

I hope my little adventures help you find ways to differentiate for your students this year. I enjoy finding ways to break down thorny concepts into fun and practical activities.  You'll find lots of these activities in my periodic newsletter.  You'll also get ideas and freebies like the one below:

Tame the ELL and Special Needs paperwork with a free copy of a form that you can use to track your students' needs and accommodations!

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  1. I didn't know there were so many things you could do with Google apps. Cool!

  2. This year I'm planning on using Goggle Forms for more things. But I had no idea of all the things you could do with GoggleApps.

  3. Those are some great apps to try! They could really make a difference in the classroom! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  4. Thanks for sharing about the Google apps. Great ideas! :)

  5. Thanks for all the Google apps information. I am going to have to check out the Read and Write for Google for certain.


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