Top Google Tech for Teachers - Doctopus!

Exploring Google Apps to use without Google Classroom!

Welcome to this week's Google exploration!  If you've been here before, you know that I have been working to learn all I can about Google Apps to use without Google Classroom.

Recently, I have been on a search to figure out how to distribute templates to all my students and I was told Doctopus was the answer!  So I began looking through some videos...

This was my favorite from all the ones I watched!

My biggest takeaway from this was all the sharing options and control I could have as the teacher.

Top Google Tech for Teachers - Doctopus!  Powerful sharing and control features!

Once you have a roster (that you can create by having students fill in a Google Form that you make), Doctopus will set up an amazing spreadsheet with not only students information, but their assignments with a link and when they worked on the document!  Now you have proof of who worked and who didn't!

Plus, you can share the same document with individuals or groups or you can share different documents with individuals or groups.  Perfect for differentiation!  Plus, if they are group documents, you can restrict who can see or edit what!

I am still not sure how this might work for my digital data tracking plan.  There's just so much in Doctopus to wrap my head around!  I need more time to let all the new information percolate and then to try out some ideas.  I am hopeful that I will have a good idea on this topic for next week.  :)

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