Top 3 Pins for Back to MIDDLE School!

Teachers in my district go back in just 5 days and so you can imagine I am having to shift my summer brain back into gear!

I'll be teaching 6th grade ELA exclusively at a new school this year, so my pins are focused on Middle School!


This is one thing with which I am definitely going to use to decorate my room!  I think they're great discussion starters and are very decorative without being too cutesy.

This syllabus looks so cool, students might actually read it!



I am really excited about my newest invention.  As a middle school teacher, I have to make 130 copies any time I need all of my students to have something.  So if my syllabus is a couple of pages, that really adds up and I only get 2 cases of paper per year!

This mini-book is just ONE sheet of paper for each student!  And it gives the students something to do with the syllabus instead of just pretend to read it.  ;)  Not to mention it's creative and gives off a warm, fuzzy feel.  :)

It's also completely editable so you can pre-print all the information from your syllabus on it or have students record the important on it.  Finally, it comes with a video to show you and your students how to assemble it.

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  1. I love your literature banner idea! Fun and motivating! Have a great school year!

  2. I love the banner idea! I can think of so many uses! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!

  3. The banners are beautiful! What a great idea. Any age student would love to make those! Thank you for sharing!


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