How I Use Video Clips To Increase Engagement

Need Engagement?  Try video clips!  You CAN make your own!

Remember the teacher on Charlie Brown?  She always sounded muffled and was perceived as boring by the kids (including me!).  
I know that sometimes, kids hear their teachers like that too so I try to capture my students' attention right away at the beginning of a lesson with a video clip.

First, I tootle around YouTube for short videos - no more than 5 minutes in length.

Next, I pin them to my Class Videos Pinterest board.

Then, when I am ready to show them, I run them through to remove all ads that may not be appropriate for school.  ;)

The point of these videos is to be a "hook" for the topic we are studying.  Take this one for example:

I teach 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA) and where I teach (FL), this class is focused on writing.  So this is a perfect lead-in as we began the year.

Sometimes, I have even tried my hand at making my own videos.  I like to use
Once, during an observation, I was showing my own video (below).  My administrator remarked that the students seemed to pay more attention to the video than to me even though it was my voice on the video!   I could have been embarrassed, but instead, I decided to harness the power!

Teaching students how to cite evidence and want more structured support?  I've created a resource with two original texts, interactive notebook foldables, posters and video clips that walk your students through citing textual evidence.

I use video clips (that I make myself!) to engage my students with content like citing textual evidence.

Click here or on the image above to find out more!

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