New Year - New Tech!

Teaching Ideas for using Google Classroom in Middle School English #technology #lessonplans

I'm so excited to tell you that my school district finally has access to Google Classroom!

The first thing I did was set up my "classrooms" and get my students to join.  We have been using Edmodo so this was somewhat like joining a class there.  This seems better than Edmodo though, because it seems to organize things a bit better.

Google Classroom might just be the next best thing in Education!

The next thing I did was to try a Google Quiz for our weekly vocabulary.  I liked it a lot, but it did not give the students' scores as a percentage.  Instead, it would say something like 100/120.  All day I was asked "But what is my grade?"  Of course, it was a great mini-lesson in learning that a fraction says "divide" and that's how to figure out one's own grade, but I would prefer percentages too.  I found a quick fix by using Flubaroo that gave me percentages even if the kids have to do the math!

A self-grading quiz?  Yes, please!

I made this quiz using Google Forms and then assigned it to my students through Google Classroom by attaching it from my Google Drive.  You can even assign the same thing to multiple classes all at once!

The next thing I am going to try is an online assignment I made.  After we took our vocabulary quiz online, my students actually suggested that their vocabulary practice actually be digital too!  So wish me luck with my first try this week!

Digital Vocabulary Practice!

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  1. I bet using Google Classroom will really help boost engagement! I would really like to get started with it.

  2. Awesome that you now have Google Classroom! I've been advocating for it since last year, but so far it's still a no-go. I'll be watching for how you are using it and sharing your experience with my admins (one is gung-ho, one is hesitant). Can't wait to see all you fun and great ideas!


  3. I would love to give Google classroom a try! Do all of your students have tablets? Thanks for linking up!

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