End of the Year Gifts - Emoji Bookmarks!

Great End of the Year Gift - Emoji Bookmarks!

When you look at social media, you see teachers making these cute little end-of-year gifts for their students.  I like the idea but with 140 students, that would be too expensive.  

Then I had an idea - what if we did some arts and crafts that put the idea of summer reading into their head and incorporated something they love - their phones! 

I am excited to show you my new end-of-year gift for my 6th-grade students - Emoji Bookmarks!

First, I'll share the video I made to show you how to make these:

Now here's the written version of the instructions:

1.  Cut a piece of paper in half.  Each half will make one emoji bookmark.
2.  Take one half and fold a corner up to make that rectangle a square.
3.  Cut off the excess paper.  Now you have a triangle.
4.  Fold the end of the triangle up to the point of the triangle on both sides and then unfold.
5.  Fold down the middle to the bottom.  Leave that there.
6.  Fold the ends back up and tuck them inside.
7.  Unfold them and put some glue down on the lower part.
8.  Fold the ends back up and tuck them inside.  Press firmly to get the glue to stick well.
9.  Place a glass that is just slightly larger than your creation top down and on top of your new creation.  Trace the glass's circumference onto your creation.
10.  Cut on the pencil lines being careful to keep some of the top fold intact.
11.  Decorate and enjoy!

These are fun to make on one of those last days of school.  Even Middle School students love arts and crafts!

Looking for a fun end of the year or after testing arts and crafts project for middle school language arts?  Try these! #DIY #teaching

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