A Busload of Prizes and Surprises!

It's been an amazing summer and I have made many great memories with my own children, but I am hearing the honk of the bus horn!  Why?  Because there's a busload of prizes that just pulled up!

You can also enter the Middle School Mob's giveaway:

You'll get several great tips AND the chance to enter to win several amazing resources PLUS $70 to Teachers Pay Teachers!

and then complete the loop!

And if that wasn't enough Prizes and Surprises for your Back to School excitement, there's also a SALE!

All of my resources, (Yes, EVEN BUNDLES) are the full 25% off with code:  BTS2017

You can get several versions of full week long back to school plans that focus on community building, going over class agreements (rules)/procedures and group dynamics. 

New for this year:

This resource gives you the opportunity to have your students do something with your syllabus instead of just pretend to read it.  ;)

 Students can construct a blank mini-book and fill in all the important information from the syllabus or you can give them a mini-book with all the information pre-printed inside and just have them fold it into a book.  

It is completely editable and comes with a video to show you and your students how to assemble the mini-book.

The best part?  Each mini-book requires just ONE sheet of paper per person!

Well, that's all for now!  I hope this helps you get ready for your best year yet!  

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