Back to School - Harry Potter Style!

Every year, my middle school has a theme.  Last year it was "Superheroes".  This year it is "Harry Potter" and I am loving it - even though I have been moved to 7th grade ELA and they are Slytherins...

A peek at a 7th grade ELA Classroom with a Harry Potter theme!

Let me show you around!  

Proclamations of our class agreements hand at the "student center" in the classroom.

This is right by the door and where the students store their textbooks and hand in their work.

The four "proclamations" of rules are actually our agreements.  I talked about this recently on Facebook if you're interested:

Next up is my "Book Nook" with Book Pennants from Study All Knight.  Also pictured here is Madam Pince, the Hogwarts librarian, watching over things:

The "Book Nook" with Madam Pince watching over things.

I recently downloaded a new free app - Booksource - to use to check out my books.  It's pretty great as you just scan your ISBNs to build your library!

I'm also excited about my new reward system.  I use Class Dojo to collect points for every student for following (or not following) our class agreements.

Then, as students reach certain levels of points, they earn certain rewards:

Magical Merit point clubs for students to earn rewards in my Harry Potter themed classroom!

The top reward is the "Prefect Table"!

Harry Potter version of a V.I.P. table - the Prefect Table!

Once students earn 500 points, they get a week to sit at this exclusive table with all the best school supplies and even a snack or two!  :)

I also purchased some Harry Potter themed Growth Mindset Posters and Harry Potter themed Imagery Posters from B's Book Love to display along with "portraits" of Professor Dumbledore and the founders of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter themed Middle School ELA classroom - all set up for a magical year

I'm excited about this new adventure and all the possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Stephanie at Forever in 5th Grade for even more great show and tell!

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