Study Smarter with Hide and Peek!

Middle School and High School Students can study better and more effectively for exams and for tests with this special idea called "Hide and Peek".  #howtostudy #study #teaching

If your students are like mine, they will INSIST that they studied and cannot begin to understand why their score on their test was low.  The beg and plead for extra credit or to re-take the test.

Student:  But I NEED an A!
Me:  What did you do to study?
Student:  I looked at my notes.
Me:  And what did you do when you looked at your notes?
Student:  Read them.
Me:  And then what?
Student:  ??????????

What I have come to understand is that students need help with learning how to study.

I learned how from my own father when I was in 4th grade and miserably failed a test on the Iroquois that I hid and that he later found out about (of course).

What he taught me was what I call "Hide and Peek".

Step 1:  Look and Say
Look at the first piece of information and say it out loud until you think you will remember it without looking.

Step 2:  Hide and Say
Hide the information you were just saying out loud and try to say it without looking.

Step 3:  Peek
Check to see if you were right:
If the answer is "Yes", move on to the next piece of information.

If the answer is "No",  Repeat steps 1 and 2.

 I used this method to graduate both high school and college - even graduate school!

So I have finally put this into a video and you can watch as my own 8th-grade son takes you and your students through the process of using Hide and Peek to study with accompanying Pixanotes!

Teach "Hide and Peek" to your Middle School and High School Students to help them study better and more effectively for tests and for exams!  #howtostudy #study #teaching

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  1. I've started to teach my 3rd grade students how to study sight words. I love the concept of "Hide and Peek". It's simple, easy to remember, and powerful. Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Teachers need to teach kids how to study, this is a great idea!!!

  3. My fifth graders definitely need more tips on how to study! Thanks for the idea and thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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