Teachers' Favorite Things!

Have you seen "The O List" of Oprah's Favorite Things? Well, that got me thinking about
"The T List" - Teachers' Favorite Things!

Like "The O List" of Oprah's Favorite Things, It's "The T List" - Teachers' Favorite Things!  Check out this list of Teacher Must Have Supplies and Wish List Items!  Some are cute, some are cheap and some are essential!  #holiday #Christmas #favoritethings #teacherwishlist

I have at least 4 "must-have" teacher supplies and several others on my wish list.

Now I don't know if your wish list is like mine, but what if after you made your own list and checked it twice, you could actually receive up to $100 of those items?

This December, four teachers are teaming up to grant one lucky teacher’s Wish List. Kristy (2 Peas and a Dog), Danielle (Nouvelle ELA), Lisa (Mrs. Spangler in the Middle), and Sara (Secondary Sara) are putting on their Santa hats to gift a teacher his or her Favorite Things!

Win Your Teacher Wish List of Classroom Supplies or Resources From Four Marvelous Middle School Teachers!  #holiday  #Christmas  #FavoriteThings

Here’s how it works:
  1. Enter the Rafflecopter contest below, which ends on Sunday, December 10th at 11:59pm EST. (The winners will be contacted on Monday, December 11th).
  2. Next, the winner makes an Amazon Wish List containing ANYTHING he/she wants for the classroom, up to $125.
  3. We four teachers will surprise you by purchasing up to $100 of the items on your wish list; the items are shipped directly to your house!

But we aren't stopping there! Two more lucky teachers can also win these prizes:

Second Place Prize: A TpT wish list! One lucky teacher will get to pick up to $10 in resources from EACH of our four stores!

Third Place Prize: A TpT wish list! One lucky teacher will get to pick up to $5 in resources from EACH of our four stores!

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Items in the wish list must be intended for classroom use
  2. Winner must be from the US or Canada
  3. Entries will be reviewed before the winner is drawn
  4. If winners do not respond in a timely manner, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and gift it to the next (randomly drawn) recipient(s)
  5. This giveaway is not affiliated or endorsed by Amazon, Instagram, or any other organization. 

Our Favorite Things!
If you need inspiration for your Wish List (or can’t wait to add it to your shopping cart now), here are both a few must-haves that I love as well as the items I would add to MY wish list:

These are a few of my favorite things... 
that I use almost every day in my 7th grade ELA class:

As a Language Arts Teacher, my verbal skills are strong - but my math is, well, not as strong. That's why I love my old EZ-Grader! I can just slide over to the number of questions and voila! - the scores appear!

This paper made "The T List" of this Middle School Teacher's Favorite Must Have Classroom Supplies!  #wishlist #Christmas
You can find this on Amazon - click here! (not an affiliate)
I love my Astrobrights paper to make copies of things that are used over and over. Like our lists of transitions for our essays for instance. They are printed on bright paper and kept in our writing folders for use all year long.

White-out Tape
Then there's my obsession with white-out tape. I just seem to go through it like crazy - especially when I am grading essays. I like to give thoughtful feedback and sometimes ( a lot of times) my brain just keeps coming up with new ways to say worn out things.

Paper Tray Organizer - Kvissle from IKEA
Is organization on your Teacher Wish List?  Maybe this can help!  #favoritethings #teaching #teacherwishlist
This is also on Amazon!  
Click here! (not an affiliate)
Don't you just love IKEA? I could spend all day
in that store as all the organizing things make me
feel inspired. But, I have limited myself to just two
of these trays (so far!) and I have one for papers
to be graded and one for graded papers. These organizers
are super sturdy with trays that slide out and help keep
my paper monster tamed.
Well, mostly. ;)

My Teacher Wish List is on Amazon and is full of Great Products for my Middle School Classroom!   #favoritethings #holiday #Christmas #classroomsupplies

Wish List

Now for the things I'd LIKE to have but probably don't really NEED...

Like how about this great book embosser for my classroom library?

One of my Favorite Things on my Teacher Wish List!  #holiday
This is on Amazon - Click here!  (not an affiliate)

Or this super fun shirt?
This Is on My Middle School Teacher Wish List!  #favoritethings #holiday
I found it on Amazon - click here! (not an affiliate)

My 8th-grade son actually groaned when I showed him this - so I definitely have it sitting in my cart!  I'm even thinking about buying one for each member of my team!  :)

I'd be thrilled to receive any of these items, but I am sure there are many more I could add to my list that these fine bloggers have also recommended:

Make sure to check out these other THREE blog posts for more recommended wish list items!

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