Reading Test Prep in ONE Week!

Middle School Reading Test Prep Review:  Fun Activity when you are short on time!  #teaching #languagearts #quick #easy #smallgroups

It's that time of year again!  
Time to review for the Big State Test in Reading.

So I polled my students to see what they thought were the best kinds of review.  It probably comes as no surprise to you that my middle school students said "competition"!

So I put on my thinking cap to figure out what I could do to make a fun and productive review.  Then I had it - The Racing Ruckus!

It will work like this:

1.  I will intentionally group students into teams of 4.

2.  They will choose a team name and a team car.  The car will be labeled and placed on the track.

3.  Each day we will have a short mini-lesson on a few standards.  I will show a PowerPoint with definitions and examples and students will record the information in a mini-book.

4.  Then students will each have to answer practice questions on the mini-lesson in their groups.

Middle School Reading Test Prep:  Have Fun Teaching and Reviewing in the Classroom with this Activity and Game!  #languagearts #learning #comprehensionquestions

5.  I will draw a number.  The student in each group who has that number will answer for the group.  The groups with the right answers earn a point and can move their car to the next flag on the track.

6.  Every time a team passes the finish line (thus completing a lap), they will get a Lap Point.  The team with the most lap points after the state test is done, will earn the big reward.  I will post the Lap Points for each team and each class period on the Leader Board to rev up the competition.  ;)

7.  For individual accountability, there will be exit tickets.  Those who score proficiently will earn their team bonus miles on the track.

We only have a week to do this, so it's "Go time!"  I know the kids will love racing against each other and hopefully, this will make enough of an impression on them to commit the skills to memory just before the big test!

If you'd like to give this a try, I have a PowerPoint, mini-book, and practice sheets all prepared for eight out of nine fiction & nonfiction standards.  The only one missing is multimedia!  It's all prepped and ready to go!

Review almost all of the Middle School Reading Skills in one week!  #fun #testprep #languagearts #teaching

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