5 Great Ways to End the School Year!

5 Great Activities and Ideas to End the School Year!  My favorites are #3 and #5!  #teaching #middleschool

Here in Florida, we are winding down the school year and I am always on the lookout for ways to make it meaningful and fun.  So I thought I would share what I found:

I like this idea because it's a way to have a stroll down memory lane and yet make it more important than just signing yearbooks with "H.A.G.S." (Have A Great Summer).

On a related note, in years gone by I've handed out out some of my favorite quotes on little pieces of colorful paper:

Looking for some great ways to end your Middle School year?  Try one or more of these 5 fun and easy ideas and activities!  #teaching #middleschool

It gives them just a little something to remember me by and hopefully inspires them in some small way.  You could also have students bring in their favorite quotes and do a quote swap.  :)

I also really like this next idea because it does "double duty" - it's great for reflection AND I can use it at the beginning of next year!

And wouldn't this be fun?  I'd love to do something like this with my students before the last day:

And what about this? 

What a great idea to get ready for summer!

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