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My best classroom management technique from 24 years of experience!  #teaching #middleschool

Over my 24 years in the classroom, I have tweaked and re-tweaked my behavior management system for middle school and I have found that using tickets work best nearly every time.

I give a ticket to students who follow our beginning of the class routine and have their planner filled out and bell work ready before the song ends.  I also give 2 tickets for every 100 on a test or assignment and 1 ticket for every 90.  I give tickets for answering questions when I call on a student as I pick their name out of my cup.  I give out tickets for someone caught being kind.  I give out tickets for...well you get the idea.  Then the students write their name on the back of their tickets and place them in the correct bucket.

Here's a way to promote positive behavior in the classroom!  #teaching #middleschool #classroommanagement
This also connects nicely to "filling buckets" ala the book "How Full is Your Bucket?"

On Fridays, I draw tickets for prizes.  Students can choose the "sure thing" - a piece of candy from my jar...

Students can win a prize from the "sure thing" jar or... #teaching #middleschool #classroommanagement


what's in box #1, box#2, or box #3.

Let's Make a Deal Classroom Style!  #teaching #middleschool #classroommanagement

I used to draw a random number of tickets every Friday.  Now I keep a Scoreboard on the whiteboard.  The class gets points when they are behaving according to our class agreements  (see this post for more on that) and I get points when they are not - a take on the Whole Brain Teaching method.  The difference between the two is the number of tickets I draw.

How many tickets will I draw on Friday for my middle school classes?  #teaching #classroommanagement

Now, what do I do when students are not following directions (other than not giving them a ticket)?

First, students receive a warning.
Then a parent phone call home.
Next is a "Take Home Detention" - Read more here
Finally, a referral.

I hope this helps you establish your own "brand" of classroom management.  If you need something more structured, take a look at this:

There are more great tips where these came from!  Join the Teacher Troop to get them plus other members-only extras!

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