No More After School Detention!

Keep the onus for appropriate behavior on the student with take home detention!  #middleschool #highschool #assignments #ideas #activities

When I say "detention", what do you think of?

Students sitting in a room staring at the walls waiting for their time to go?  Students doing some chores like washing down the desks?

And when does this take place?  Before or after school, right?
That's YOUR time, Teacher.  In fact, I daresay that detention doesn't just give students a consequence, it also gives the TEACHER a consequence.  

Wait a minute!  That shouldn't be!

I think that the purpose of detention should be to re-teach students what appropriate behavior should look and sound like.

So why not send that reteaching home in the form of a composition for the students to copy and then have them get a parent signature so that the parent is aware of the inappropriate behavior?

In this way, the student has to spend their time thinking about their actions and what they will (hopefully) do next time.  

Now your time is free and the onus is where it belongs - on the student!

Teachers: Stop punishing yourself with Detention!  Try these Take-Home Detentions instead!  #assignments #ideas

Save some time and check out the compositions I have already written that you can edit to suit your needs:

I have pre-written essays for:  
★ Tardiness
★ Cheating on a test
★ Cheating by copying someone else's work
★ Not following directions
★ Disrespect
★ Improper behavior with a substitute
★ Skipping class
★ Disrupting the class
★ Inappropriate language (cursing)

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