3 Critical Pre-Reading Hacks for Middle School


Anytime I get ready to read a short story or novel with my middle school students, I like to provide some background knowledge to help all my learners get more from the text.  This gives them not just a preview, but hopefully also a kind of anchor to help them as they learn something new.

As a teacher who works with students that have unique learning needs, I have tried many things over the years to reach all learners.  

What I have learned about pre-reading is condensed into this post featured at n2y, one of my favorite sites for working with students that have unique learning needs:

3 Critical Pre-Reading Hacks:  Tips For Literature Studies

In this post, I mention a few items that I created and used in my classroom.  To find out more about those items, please take a look at these links:

1.  Information about Sinkholes is included in my Central Idea Main Idea Guided Notes with PowerPoint and INB Foldable 

2.  The Pre-Reading Game for "A Christmas Carol" is available by clicking here.

Get more great ideas where this one came from!

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