Teaching Plot In Middle School

See how to support middle school students who struggle with story comprehension or visualization.

Before I begin studying literature with my middle school students, I always review plot and the plot diagram.  This helps my struggling learners to get a good grasp on some academic vocabulary and hopefully refresh their memories on how a story is structured.

In this post at n2y.com, I share my top 3 strategies:

1.  Plot diagram - with the support of pre-made events to place on the diagram

2.  A story board - the focus is on using images.  You can get a copy of the story board for FREE in my resource library.  Sign up below!

3.  Guided Notes - you can certainly make your own but my digital notes for plot diagram are ready to go and come with an embedded video and practice activities.  

Get all the details over at n2y - one of my favorite places for getting new ideas to reach all learners!  


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