3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Narrative Writing Into the Middle School Classroom


Keep the joy of creativity from narrative writing alive in your middle school classroom with these 3 easy ideas!

I love the creativity of writing a narrative.  Too often, this seems to fall by the wayside, taking backseat to more formal options.  But there are ways to keep the creativity alive and here are my top 3 ways to do just that:

1.  Combine the fun of the season with learning!

Every year, I incorporate narrative writing into my classroom near Halloween time.  Students create spooky stories about an old "haunted" house with a great deal of structure provided by me.  I even play a spooky soundtrack!  Even my most reluctant writers enjoy this and soon my students see that writing can be a fun, creative time.

Use this structured narrative project to help your middle school students enjoy the season and learn at the same time!

2.  Early Finishers

While my "go-to" is to read independently when students find themselves with some extra time, using that same time for narrative writing would be another great alternative!  I have a little station set up in my room with blank plot diagrams and a can of "story starters".  (Sometimes I also include fun paper and checklists.  I try to keep it a cool place to visit!) Students who would prefer to write can visit this station when they find themselves with extra time in class.  You can get a free copy of my plot diagram and story starters in my resource library

Set up a station with story starters and blank plot diagrams to encourage early finishers to write narratives in your middle school classroom!

3. Fiction Follow-Ups

After reading a fiction story like "Eleven" like Sandra Cisneros, I find that asking students to tell (through writing) their own stories that were similar to the main character's struggles can not only be a great relationship builder but it also helps students make a deeper connection to the story.  This helps when you begin to analyze the story for various things such as character development because now the students feel invested.

Just a few quick things I do to incorporate narrative writing throughout the year!

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Narrative writing doesn't have to be a one time thing!  Check out these ideas for some inspiration!

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