Open House in Middle School


Change up the old Middle School Open House Routine with this fun and engaging idea!

Now that the first month is under our belts, we will soon have an Open House.  At my school, we have 15-minute periods so parents can travel their child's schedule and learn about the most important things to know for each class.

I don't know about you, but repeating the same thing with a plain 'ol PowerPoint six times is not, well, fun.  In fact, who knows if the student's adults are even listening to all that Charlie Brown speak!  

It's definitely time for something different!

So I switched up the old standard Open House routine!  I give a quiz to the adults. 

But not just any old quiz, one about our class that goes over all the most important things to know!  

There are 2 sides to the quiz - 1 side for the students to complete a day or so before the Open House and the other side for Parents/Guardians.  The idea is that after the students complete their side, they will fold it over and see what their adults know!

Students LOVE giving their parents a quiz and parents like a break from the old routine!  I provide some "cheat sheets" to adults who are struggling but students may not allow them to use them until after grades have been issued.  

It's fun to turn the tables and there are tons of laughs and "Ah-ha" moments.  Want to try it for yourself?  You can get an editable version of my quiz for FREE in my resource library!

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Try Something New For Your Middle School Open House!

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