Looking Back and Thinking Ahead


See the top posts of 2022 and then take a peek into new solutions for Middle School ELA for 2023!

2022 has been quite a year!  With so many long-term effects from the C-vid years, education has had to make some amazing twists and turns to keep up.  

It can be fun to look back and see what has been important to teachers like us so, let's look back!

The top 3 most popular posts on this blog from 2022 are:

#1 Top 5 Best Ways to Organize a Middle School Classroom

Middle School Classroom Organization Ideas

In this post, you'll read all about the different areas in my classroom.  I have since changed it somewhat since I now have students work in competitive teams but I have kept the same foundation for many years.  

#2 Teaching Argumentative Essay Writing


A great plan for teaching Argumentative Essay Writing in your Middle School ELA class!

In this post, you'll find my basic overall plan for teaching my middle school students how to write argumentative essays.  This plan has worked for students with learning challenges as well as students who are learning English!

#3 Tried and True Back to Middle School Activities

Before going headlong into the content, take some time to build relationships with these back to school activities for Middle School!

In this post, you'll find several different ideas and freebies for getting started in any middle school class before beginning the content. Honestly, some of these ideas are perfect for starting a new semester too!

Thinking Ahead

And speaking of a new semester, as I'm thinking ahead, I plan to do some goal-setting with my students on the first day back from break. 

We will meet in a community circle and discuss what causes our teams to be successful.  We'll talk big picture first and then talk about how each individual impacts the team.  Then we'll set our new year goals, write them down, and then wear them on the new silicone bracelets I bought them. 

But that's not the only new thing that is going on in 2023!  I'm also happy to announce that my website has undergone a transformation and is newly refurbished!  :)

Take a look around Mrs. Spangler in the Middle's new website and enter the scavenger hunt giveaway!

Take a look around and join in on the scavenger hunt between now and January 31, 2023 by clicking hereYou could win a HALF OFF Discount Code for ANY item in the Shop on this site!  

Last, but not least, be on the lookout for new videos during 2023!  I will be demonstrating how to use various resources and how I teach various topics - like essay writing!  I'll post them here but newsletter subscribers will always be notified so make sure to join in today!