What are Pixanotes?

Simply put, Pixanotes are a combination of left brain structured notes with right-brain visuals.

Get the right-brain benefit of visuals combined with the left-brain advantage of structure with Pixanotes!  #teaching #visualnotes #notes

Sketch notes have been all the rage because our brains are primarily image processors (not word processors) but sketch notes lack structure for students who are left brained or who struggle with focus.

So I thought there had to be a better way to integrate both sides of the brain and reach all learners and that's when Pixanotes were born!

Pixanotes work for ALL learners!  That's because they come in FOUR formats so you can differentiate content for each student.

Based on brain research, Pixanotes increase student comprehension and recall!  You can read more about that research by clicking here but first, take a look at how Pixanotes work:

You can get a FREE copy of the Pixanotes featured in this video by clicking here!  

View more titles of Pixanotes by clicking here!

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