4 Reasons to Use Middle School Project Based Learning


My favorite reason to use Investigation Lab PBL in Middle School ELA is #4!

Do you like the idea of middle school project based learning (PBL) but think there's not enough time to properly implement it?  I thought so too until I made Investigation Lab.  Investigation Lab allows students to complete projects tied to the standards using any text read in class.  It's amazing practice for students for 4 reasons:

1.  It's once a week.

Students get one day a week to take the driver's seat with their own learning.  It's an ongoing process throughout the marking period and I set the deadline up right from the beginning and stick to it unless someone has an excused absence.  This is especially since many of the projects may need to be presented to get full credit.  Since this is only once per week, you still have 4 other days to read and write!

2.  It's standards-based.

Every project is tied to a standard.  If you are teaching theme/central idea as well as character and idea development for the first 9 weeks, then students would only be given those options to use with any text that you have read in class.  In this way, they are practicing using the standards - a necessary skill for standardized tests.

3.  It's highly engaging and interactive.

Students love Investigation Lab.  Why?  It allows them to have some choice over how they are learning.  I think we teachers can relate to that. I think we'd all rather attend the PD we choose rather than the PD we are required to attend.  Plus, the students will be making something and showcasing their strengths in their product.  

4. It's differentiation at its finest!

Each student can choose their own path to reach the standard.  And each student can create their own product.  No two products have to even be similar to get full credit.

Want to try a free sample?  Get a free copy of a project list for the theme standard in my free resource library.

Or if you are ready to give Investigation Lab a try with all the materials done for you, click here.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way for your Middle School students to practice their knowledge with the reading standards? This middle school project based learning set of 91 different projects is perfect for getting even your most reluctant learners on board!

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